We changed our name!

D. Adair Cos­met­ics, Inc. is now
Dare to be Young, Inc.

Picture of Dare to be Young bottle.


Our com­pany name was changed because peo­ple kept con­fus­ing us for a com­pany that makes makeup instead of skin care even though skin care falls under the same cat­e­gory of cos­met­ics by def­i­n­i­tion.  But peo­ple still think of makeup when the word “cos­met­ics” is mentioned.

The prod­uct for­mu­las have not changed so our cur­rent cus­tomers don’t need to worry.  We will still be using all of the bot­tles and jars we have left so they will still have D. Adair Cos­met­ics as the com­pany name until we order new bottles.

So there you have it, our new com­pany name is Dare to be Young, Inc. and we dare you to stay young and healthy!



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