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4 oz. bottle of Dare to be Young Natural Skin Tightener, Skin Rejuvenator

Dare to be Young Nat­ural
skin tight­ener, skin rejuvenator

What is Dare to be Young?

Dare to be Young is a unique skin care lotion made of herbal extracts, essen­tial oils, and vit­a­mins that nour­ishes and tight­ens your skin. It is a skin tight­ener and reju­ve­na­tor all in one prod­uct. There is and has never been another prod­uct like Dare to be Young.

What is a skin tightener?

A skin tight­ener is an astrin­gent that is used to con­strict the tis­sues and pores of the skin. Upon appli­ca­tion of Dare to be Young, you will feel a pulling sen­sa­tion as the pow­er­ful herbal astrin­gents work to tighten your skin.

How does it reju­ve­nate my skin?

Dare to be Young  helps to boost the skin’s own nat­ural col­la­gen and elastin pro­duc­tion. Our unique for­mula con­tains pre­cious ingre­di­ents that are actu­ally food for the skin, reju­ve­nat­ing the skin cells from within. All of the herbal extracts and essen­tial oils con­tained within Dare to be Young work syn­er­gis­ti­cally pro­vid­ing impor­tant min­er­als and vit­a­mins right where they are needed into the skin with the help of liposomes.

How do I use it?

First, wash your face and neck with a gen­tle cleanser. Use about a quarter-size amount of Dare to be Young in the palm of your hand and apply to your skin. Do not wash off. After about 10 min­utes, you should feel that your skin is notice­ably softer. The results are cumu­la­tive; the longer you use Dare to be Young, the bet­ter your skin will improve.

You would spend well over one-hundred dol­lars ($100USD) on mul­ti­ple prod­ucts to receive all of the ben­e­fits that Dare to be Young pro­vides in one bottle.

Ingre­di­ents: Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Dis­tilled Water, Extracts of: Gera­nium, Organic Com­frey, White Oak Bark, Horse­tail, Witch Hazel, Hibis­cus; Essen­tial Phos­pho­lipids, Vit­a­min E, Xan­than Gum, Tita­nium Diox­ide; Essen­tial Oils of: Fen­nel, Lemon­grass, Sage, White Pine, Jas­mine, Rose.

We encour­age you to research the won­der­ful ingre­di­ents con­tained in Dare to be Young so that you may learn how all of the these herbal extracts and essen­tial oils can work together to ben­e­fit your skin and body. The tight­en­ing ben­e­fits one will receive will depend on a person’s age, the amount of loose skin, the skin’s col­la­gen and elas­tic­ity, reten­tion, and mus­cle tone. Your skin will become tighter and vel­vety smooth. Large pores are reduced. Wrin­kles, crow’s feet, and lines around the mouth are reduced and some­times elim­i­nated. How do we know it does all these things? Because our clients tell us so!

Buy Dare to be Young, start hav­ing health­ier skin now!

Dare to be Young, 4 oz.
Every­thing your skin needs for daily main­te­nance all in one bottle!
Price: $45.00
Price: $40.00
 (That’s a 4 month supply!)

State­ments made on the prod­ucts, ingre­di­ents and gen­eral infor­ma­tion have not been eval­u­ated by the FDA and should not be seen as health claims.
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It’s magic!

This lit­tle bot­tle lasts for months, and my skin looks more clear, fresh — and young! Be nice to your­self! This will make you glow!

The best cream for the money. It works won­ders for my skin. My friends have used some of my prod­uct and they’ll become buy­ers. Excel­lent prod­uct. Thank you DA!

I like Dare to be young I would rec­om­mend it for every­one who want to keep their skin young look­ing with­out pores too.

Per­fect !!!

Works great, I have had skin prob­lems in the past and noth­ing I tried seemed to help until THIS ! I can not live with­out now !

skin tight­ener

I have used Dare To Be Young Skin Tight­ener for sev­eral years. Love the refresh­ing feel­ing after use and after dry­ing, my skin feels smoother and firmer.


  1. My mother who is 80 uses this prod­uct and her skin looks WONDERFUL !! So thank God she shared this with me. Now I can­not live with­out it. I love the tight­ness it gives my skin and it has slowed down the aging. The travel/ sam­ples are great to have for trav­el­ing. Now I want you to do a prod­uct for the eyes!!!

  2. Michelle G. says:

    I love this prod­uct ! dont use any­thing else.

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